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58 Year Old Male, Workout Worry

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  Your Paramedic crew is called to the home of a 58 year old male, “possible heart” Upon arrival to the home, you are greeted by the gentleman’s wife, who directs you to your patient. You find him sitting in a chair in the living room, appearing concerned, but in no serious distress. He tells […]

What it Looks Like: Cardiac Arrest

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This article is a quasi-cross-post from the website of our good friend Brandon Oto at EMS Basics. He’s been gracious enough to allow us to adapt the original post from his What it Looks Like series over here. We suggest that you go check out the work he does on his site; it’s the epitome of […]

EMS 12-Lead Podcast Episode #7 – PulsePoint

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  EMS 12-Lead Podcast – Episode #7 – PulsePoint In this episode of the EMS 12-Lead podcast we're joined by Richard Price of the PulsePoint Foundation. If you're not familiar with PulsePoint it used to be referred to as the San Ramon Valley Fire Department app. Richard Price PulsePoint Foundation Fire Chief, San Ramon Valley […]

Must-watch video of cardiac arrest save!

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This is an outstanding video that shows clips of an actual resuscitation and features a sudden cardiac arrest survivor. It's important to collect data so we can measure our progress and prove that we are saving lives, but as we build these systems of care we must always remember that these are our mothers, fathers, […]

The "Save a Life" Simulator by the HeartRescue Project

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Click HERE to check it out! Kudos to the HeartRescue Project for developing this "Save a Life" Simulator! This should go a long way toward preparing lay bystanders for the "shocking" reality of encountering a sudden cardiac arrest in the community. I think this is an excellent tool to leverage through social media so be […]

My experience at the Resuscitation Academy

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  Back in October, I was fortunate to attend the Resuscitation Academy in Seattle, WA. As many of you already know, the Academy is run by Seattle Medic One and King County EMS, with the goal of improving survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest. EMS directors, managers and medical directors convened for a three […]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest podcasts from EMS Today 2011

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Here's a recap of some of the great podcasts from EMS Today 2011 that specifically addressed sudden cardiac arrest. In Part I of this podcast, EMS Garage host and "EMS 10" awardee Chris Montera chats with Ben Bobrow, M.D., James Jollis, M.D. and Graham Nichol, M.D. of the Heart Rescue Project. This program looks at […]

60 year old male CC: Sudden cardiac arrest

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Here's a great case submitted by a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Some minor details have been changed to preserve patient confidentiality and some relevant comments and teaching points have been added. EMS is called to a barbecue festival for 60 year old male, unconscious and unresponsive, possible cardiac arrest. En route dispatch […]

Special episode of the EMS Research podcast recorded live from EMS Today 2011

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In this special episode of the EMS Research podcast Tom Bouthillet and Tim Noonan (RogueMedic) interview Dave Hiltz (Heart Safe Community) and Lynn White (Heart Rescue Project) about best practices to optimize survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Download the full episode at the ProMed Network here.

Another soccer player experiences sudden cardiac arrest on camera

h/t Dr. Wes You might recall a previous post that showed Belgian soccer player Anthony Van Loo collapsing on camera and receiving a shock from his ICD. In this video Salamanca soccer player Miguel Garcia experiences a sudden cardiac arrest on camera. Electrophysiology Fellow makes the point that sudden syncope is almost always cardiac! You will […]

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