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Update to 74 year old male CC: Chest pain

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Here are the serial prehospital 12-lead ECGs for 74 year old male CC: Chest pain Angiograms and cath report to follow. Pay close attention to the right precordial leads (V1-V3). Consider the following graphic. The most important changes occur between 16:41:26 and 16:50:30. Just for fun, here it is “flipped”. See also: Cath report for […]

63 year old male with sudden onset shortness of breath

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This is an interesting case submitted by Tom Bernesser who is a paramedic from North Carolina. I got to know Tom through the EKG Challenge forum at the EMS Village where he always posted fascinating case studies. Here’s the story. 63 year old male presents with acute onset of dyspnea. He reported 4 previous MI’s […]

Respiratory distress, chest pain, right bundle branch block, and posterior STEMI

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EMS is dispatched to a 50 year old male in respiratory distress. En route, dispatch advises that the chief complaint is actually chest pain. On arrival, the patient is found lying supine on the floor just inside the front door to his house. He is cold to the touch and pale but his skin is […]

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