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Heart attack study looking at whether giving clot-buster in ambulance is best

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Photo credit: The Canadian Press A recent story from the Canadian Press talks about the international STREAM study (Strategic Reperfusion Early After Myocardial Infarction). “It’s widely recognized that the faster you treat a heart attack, the better the outcomes,” says Dr. Warren Cantor, a cardiologist at Southlake. “You can preserve heart muscle and increase a […]

Congratulations to Dr. Michel LeMay

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Congratulations are in order for Dr. Michel LeMay of the Universtiy of Ottawa Heart Institute. He was recently one of eight Canadians recognized with an award from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) for “developing a new way to handle heart attacks that empowers paramedics to read […]

44 year old male CC: Palpitations

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Here is an absolutely fascinating case submitted by G.W. Lyster (who credits the case to J.C. Neetz). It's a patient who presented with a wide complex tachycardia who ended up receiving the kitchen sink! Here are the basics. 44 YOM C/O "palpitations". Denies CP, SOB, N/V, dizziness, weakness. Pt in NAD. Meds include Coreg, et […]

Found on the Lifenet Receiving Station

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Here’s an interesting set of ECGs I found on the Lifenet Receiving Station. They were transmitted to the emergency department by a neighboring EMS system. I have no details of the history or clinical presentation. ECG #1 ECG #2 What do you think?

What's the heart rhythm?

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You are called to the residence of 85 year old male complaining of chest discomfort. Note: The details of the history and clinical presentation have been lost. The cardiac monitor is attached. What's your interpretation of this ECG? *** UPDATE *** Some very interesting comments so far…. Let's see if a review of the 12 […]

Narrow complex tachycardias – Part II

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Here’s a call that was very well executed. The patient was a 35 year old Hispanic female; walk-in patient at a volunteer clinic. Through an interpreter it was learned that the patient was complaining of palpitations and slight chest discomfort. The onset was sudden. The medical history was significant for “arrhythmias”. No medications. Skin: warm […]

Narrow complex tachycardias – Part I

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I've come to dislike the term "SVT" (supraventricular tachycardia). In the first place, it's not an arrhythmia. It's an umbrella term that covers a group of arrhythmias which require the AV node for their maintenance. Most importantly, it includes sinus tachycardia! For some reason, this is a difficult concept for many clinicians to grasp, partly […]

The problem of ST segment elevation

This post has been updated and moved here: http://www.ecgmedicaltraining.com/st-segment-elevation-beyond-false-positives/  

If time is muscle, what's taking so long?

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That’s that tag line of a tremendous article that appeared in the March 2007 issue of Emergency Medical Services entitled Out-of-Hospital STEMI Alert by David Jaslow, MD, MPH, EMT-P, FAAEM. I think the tag line sums up the frustration many of us “STEMI activists” feel when our prehospital 12 lead ECG programs flounder. Here are […]

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