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Found on the Lifenet Receiving Station

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Here’s an interesting set of ECGs I found on the Lifenet Receiving Station. They were transmitted to the emergency department by a neighboring EMS system. I have no details of the history or clinical presentation. ECG #1 ECG #2 What do you think?

What's the heart rhythm?

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You are called to the residence of 85 year old male complaining of chest discomfort. Note: The details of the history and clinical presentation have been lost. The cardiac monitor is attached. What's your interpretation of this ECG? *** UPDATE *** Some very interesting comments so far…. Let's see if a review of the 12 […]

Narrow complex tachycardias – Part II

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Here’s a call that was very well executed. The patient was a 35 year old Hispanic female; walk-in patient at a volunteer clinic. Through an interpreter it was learned that the patient was complaining of palpitations and slight chest discomfort. The onset was sudden. The medical history was significant for “arrhythmias”. No medications. Skin: warm […]

Narrow complex tachycardias – Part I

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I've come to dislike the term "SVT" (supraventricular tachycardia). In the first place, it's not an arrhythmia. It's an umbrella term that covers a group of arrhythmias which require the AV node for their maintenance. Most importantly, it includes sinus tachycardia! For some reason, this is a difficult concept for many clinicians to grasp, partly […]

Incredible video of soccer player saved by ICD

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In this amazing video, 20 year old Belgian soccer player Anthony Van Loo is saved by his implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. Are these cool times we live in, or what? See also Another soccer player experiences sudden cardiac arrest on camera (VIDEO) Scientist shocked by ICD at Copenhagen Summit (VIDEO) Cardiac arrest – are you ready to […]

The honor formerly known as the Superior Scribbler Award

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Rogue Medic has bestowed upon Prehospital 12 Lead ECG the Superlative Hieroglyphicist Award (also known as the Superior Scribbler Award). Here’s what Rogue Medic had to say: “Prehospital 12 Lead ECG by Tom B. is a great blog about cardiology from a prehospital perspective. He understands 12 leads, how to teach them, and he is […]

The problem of ST segment elevation

This post has been updated and moved here: http://www.ecgmedicaltraining.com/st-segment-elevation-beyond-false-positives/  

If time is muscle, what's taking so long?

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That’s that tag line of a tremendous article that appeared in the March 2007 issue of Emergency Medical Services entitled Out-of-Hospital STEMI Alert by David Jaslow, MD, MPH, EMT-P, FAAEM. I think the tag line sums up the frustration many of us “STEMI activists” feel when our prehospital 12 lead ECG programs flounder. Here are […]

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