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Syncope and sudden death in student athletes – EMS 12-Lead podcast Episode #1

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EMS 12-Lead podcast – Episode #1 – Syncope and sudden death in student athletes. Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind and Christopher Watford are joined by Dr. John Mandrola from the Dr. John M blog. We discuss sudden death in student athletes, the controversy surounding the prescreening of student athletes, the need for AEDs in the schools, […]

89 Year old female CC: Sick- Discussion

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This is the discussion for 89 year old female CC: Sick.  You may wish to go back and review the case. To begin, lets review one of the 12 leads: Many of you correctly identified this as a third degree block….however, the etiology of the block was at the time unknown, especially in light of […]

89 Year Old Female CC: "Sick"

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It's a snowy afternoon, when you and your partner are called to a local doctor's office for an 89 year old female with "flu-like symptoms", including nausea and vomiting over the past two days. You walk into Room 2, and find a sick looking woman lying back on the exam bed…She is alert and oriented, and […]

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