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Discussion for "A Change of Pace: What Happened?"

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This is the discussion for "A change of Pace: What Happened?"  My apologies for the delay! Pacemakers are amazing pieces of technology. They have evolved continually, and have given patients an increasing quality of life where none existed before. However, with this amazing technology comes a level of complexity that also has not been seen […]

A Change of Pace: What Happened?

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Here is a challenging case this morning to stretch your mind… You are called to a 71 year old male feeling "sick". He has not felt well for the past 24 hours. He describes feelings of "general aches and pains". He has history of heart failure, for which he has an AICD. His vitals are […]

Discussion for 51 Year Old Male: Chest Pain

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Here is the conclusion to 51 year old male: Chest Pain. You may wish to review the case. Here is the ECG again:   There is a regular sinus rhythm at a rate of about 70. The QRS is narrow. The axis is normal, at about 15 degrees. Let's take a look at the constellation […]

51 Year Old Male: Chest Pain

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Here is a great case submitted by faithful reader Niels, a Paramedic in Germany. As always, some minor information may have been changed to preserve patient confidentiality. Our case today takes us overseas, to the German countryside. It's a clear blue Monday morning, 11:40 am, when you and your partner are called to a 51 […]

"What Happened?"–Discussion

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This is the discussion to "What Happened?" You may wish to review the case here. Ok, let's review the initial 12 Lead: Just about everyone picked up on the infero-posterior STEMI. Where it got interesting for me, was determining what the rhythm was! At first glance, the rhythm was for the most part regular (note […]

What Happened?

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A 68 year old male, with no significant medical history, presents to the local ED (non-PCI) with chest pain. He had been doing some gardening, when he suddenly felt chest discomfort (8/10), non-radiating with diaphoresis. His wife drove him to the ED. Once there, he was given ASA and NTG, and the following ECG was […]

Treat the patient not the monitor?

Here at the EMS 12-Lead Blog, we love case studies. We love to post them, you love to read them, and many of you love to comment on them. Not only on this blog, but on other very good blogs that are out there as well. I think it’s a great way to learn, and […]

Snapshot Discussion: 32 year old Male–Chest Discomfort

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Here is the discussion for the Snapshot Case: 32 year old male–Chest Discomfort. Sorry for the delay. If you recall, we have a young patient, a 32 year old male, with a heart rate too rapid to count. He is alert and oriented, and has a good pressure (126/70). He has been in the following […]

Snapshot: 32 year old male–chest discomfort

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Here's a new snapshot case straight from the UK… We have a 32 year old male, normally fit with no history whatsoever. He has had a stressful week (personal issues), and decided maybe a 4 mile run might help. It didn't. When he returned home, he developed sudden onset of chest discomfort, and decided to […]

63 Year Old Male: "Dental Pain" — Discussion

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This is the discussion to "63 year old male: "Dental Pain". You may wish to review the case. For starters, i think we all agree that the patient, with his signs and symptoms, needs to be transported. We have all had patients like this who don't want to go, even though we know they should. […]

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