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No advantage seen with IV drugs in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

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Heartwire is reporting a review of Olasveengen TM, Sunde K, Brunborg C, et al. Intravenous drug administration during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a randomized trial. JAMA 2009; 302:2222-2229. Some highlights: “[A] large randomized trial found that giving IV drugs like epinephrine and atropine in the setting of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest made it more likely that patients […]

CBS Exclusive: Back From the Dead

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56-Year-Old Man Brought Back To Life After 47 Minutes, 4,500 Chest Compressions And 8 Zaps With Defibrillator. Click HERE for this amazing story with video. “A specific procedure helped save Tiralosi’s life. Special cooling pads, not available in all emergency rooms, lowered his body temperature to 91 degrees, essential in preventing long-term neurological damage and […]

65 year old male CC: Cardiac arrest on the tennis court

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65 year old male collapses while playing tennis. The scene is less than 1 minute from the fire station. On arrival, bystanders are providing rescue breaths but no chest compressions. Medical history is unknown. Initial rhythm: First shock: Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) noted. Rhythm strip: 12 lead ECG: The patient is still unconscious. LMA […]

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