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Physio-Control and BeneChill enter strategic partnership to launch RhinoChill IntraNasal cooling system in Europe

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Physio‐Contro (@PhysioControl) and BeneChill (@RhinoChill) announced today a strategic partnership to launch the RhinoChill IntraNasal Cooling System in Europe. RhinoChill is a non‐invasive, portable system for transnasally cooling the head and lowering the body’s core temperature immediately following cardiac arrest, stroke or traumatic brain injury. Initially, the partnership will focus on bringing the RhinoChill System to […]

The "pit crew" concept in cardiac arrest

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While the drivers and owners may get most of the credit a good "pit crew" is essential for team success in NASCAR.     So what makes a good pit crew? Leadership A good pit manager will ensure that the pit crew is ready and that all the necessary resources are in place. That includes […]

Regionalization in EMS (End-of-year column at EMS1.com)

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My “End-of-Year” column is up at EMS1.com. Trends in 2010: Regionalization in EMS Enjoy!

Cardiac Arrest – Anatomy of a System Failure

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Dave Statter (STATter911.com) recently posted a story about a cardiac arrest that occurred in Ocean City, MD. It’s a sad story with an unhappy ending. In fact, there’s only one redeeming quality about this story. It’s a perfect example of a system failure. The dispatcher who answered the 9-1-1 call “froze” and was unable to […]

Another soccer player experiences sudden cardiac arrest on camera

h/t Dr. Wes You might recall a previous post that showed Belgian soccer player Anthony Van Loo collapsing on camera and receiving a shock from his ICD. In this video Salamanca soccer player Miguel Garcia experiences a sudden cardiac arrest on camera. Electrophysiology Fellow makes the point that sudden syncope is almost always cardiac! You will […]

Tom Bouthillet and Jamie Davis discuss cardiac arrest and the chain-of-survival

Discussion on cardiac arrest and the chain-of-survival.

Must-see JEMS.com webcast!

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I came across an outstanding webcast the other day. It’s hosted by JEMS.com and sponsored by Physio-Control. It’s called Connecting Care Teams and Collecting Data: How it helps both you and your patient – The Houston Experience (no longer available). It’s dated February 18, 2010 so I’m not sure how I missed it the first time […]

69 year old male CC: "Indigestion"

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Here’s a case from a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. In his own words: Presenting Complaint – Chest Pain History of Present Complaint – 69 year old male, nil cardiac history, none smoker, social drinker. Complaining of indigestion last 2-3 weeks with noticably increase in belching. This a.m acute onset of burning heavy […]

57 yom CC: Cardiac arrest

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Here’s another interesting case submitted by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. While we’re on the subject, I’d like to thank my readers for the interesting case studies that have been coming in! This is what the Web 2.0 experience is all about! We’re learning a lot from each other and that’s the difference […]

Cardiac arrest – Are you ready to save one of our own?

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Firegeezer posted a recent story about a firefighter from Lynn, MA who experienced cardiac arrest on the fireground and was resuscitated at the scene. Coverage from Firefighter Close Calls is here. According to the post, the firefighter had “just come out of the house” when he suddenly collapsed and firefighters began CPR immediately. A news […]

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