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66 year old male CC: Chest pain – Conclusion with Angiograms

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Here is the conclusion to 66 year old male CC: Chest pain. The patient was fast-tracked to the cardiac cath lab. D2B of 62 minutes. E2B of 78 minutes! RCA is normal LAD (before) – 100% occlusion LAD (before) – 100% occlusion LAD (after) LAD (after) LAD (after) LAD (after)

Syncope, Chest Pain, and LAD Occlusion – Part 2

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This is the conclusion to Syncope, Chest Pain, and LAD Occlusion – Part 1. Let’s take another look at the 12-lead ECG. There is a regular rhythm at a rate of 60 (using the large block method there are 5 blocks between R-waves). The QRS complex is narrow at 86 ms. There are P-waves in […]

60s male with chest discomfort. Is this RCA or LCX occlusion?

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EMS is dispatched to a 62 year old male with a chief complaint of chest discomfort. On arrival, the patient is found sitting at the dinner table. He appears acutely ill. Onset: Fairly sudden after sitting down for dinner 20-30 minutes ago Provoke: Nothing makes the pain feel better or worse Quality: Dull pressure/ache Radiation: […]

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