Education & Consulting

Education and consulting

Team EMS 12-Lead is available for teaching and consulting. We have worked with EMS systems, hospitals, medical conferences, legal firms, and the implantable medical device industry. We can customize a course to meet your needs.

Do you host international instructors?

Our daily consulting rate is $1500/day plus expenses (USD) although we have been known to extend discounts for special causes or to visit interesting places. It also helps us maintain elite status on Delta! 


Contact us at and we’d be happy to arrange a phone call so we can give you a proposal based on your needs.

What if you need 12-lead ECG training right now?

Check out our video-based 12-lead ECG course at ECG Medical Training.


  • Anthony Webster says:

    i would like to know if you would consider teaching a class for the Salisbury Fire Dept .Salisbury Md.

  • Jeff Kuehn says:


    We just received our first LP12 and for the first time have 12 lead and waveform capnography capabilities. We are looking for a basic 12 lead/capnography class for our medics. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss availability and pricing. 843-290-8745

  • Karin Hively says:

    I am a HUC with the hospital, I would like to know if there are any courses available in the charleston WV or surrounding areas. Me and a couple other HUC’s would very much like to attend. Thank You

  • Tom Bouthillet says:

    I will be in Virginia at the Valley Health System in Winchester on May 16. You can also take my online 12-lead ECG course at which offers the same content. – Tom B.

  • Robert Miler says:

    Could you please call me in reference to the 12 lead course that you do. I am interested in getting information and bringing you to our conference.
    call me at 260-466-4667

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