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The role of 12 lead ECG in Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension

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An 11  year old male presents with complaint of substernal chest pain, 6/10, unable to describe the sensation but non-radiating, which  started while running. Primary assessment: Patent airway Adequate respiratory effort with no signs of distress skin is pink, warm and dry, with no signs of hypoperfusion Pertinent medical Hx: Chronic Interstitial Lung Disease Secondary  Pulmonary […]

Pediatric Pit Crew / High Performance CPR

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A reader asks, “Does your Pit Crew CPR process work for pediatrics?” (See video on Vimeo). The answer is yes (with some minor modifications). Some things to keep in mind: Pediatric cardiac arrest is more likely to be respiratory or asphyxial so there is less emphasis on “patient’s side to first shock” as the arrest […]

When to stop: Termination of Resuscitation in Pediatric Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

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Field termination of pediatric resuscitation is a difficult topic for EMS systems, prehospital providers, first responders, and the patient’s family. Clear guidelines exist for the termination of resuscitation of adults in cardiac arrest for both traumatic and non-traumatic etiologies, and routine transportation of adults in cardiac arrest all but guarantees poor outcomes. Unfortunately, for pediatric […]