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The Weekend Roundup: ECG Highlights from Around the Web…

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Wednesday Missive: On Innovation and Gratitude

As most of you know by now, "Team EMS-12 Lead" had a lot to celebrate at the EMS Today conference in Baltimore. Tom Bouthillet received his well deserved EMS 10 award, and his Code STEMI Web Series premiered as well. Lots of great stuff going on! The premier of Code STEMI happening the same time […]

Heart Attack Grill lives up to its name — again

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You may recall my previous post about the Heart Attack Grill when Blair River, the 572 pound spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill died at the age of 29 from sudden cardiac arrest. Well, they're in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Image credit: Fox 5 News Click HERE for video. Once again, owner […]

Report: Aspirin Taken Daily With Fifth Of Bourbon Greatly Reduces Awareness Of Heart Attacks

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PHILADELPHIA- In a medical breakthrough that should come as welcome news for millions of at risk Americans, University of Pennsylvania cardiologists announced Tuesday that taking one aspirin tablet and a fifth of bourbon daily can “significantly reduce” an individual’s awareness of heart attacks. “This study represents a major victory in the fight against heart disease, […]