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81 YOM with Chest Heaviness

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It’s approximately 2000 hrs, right as you get comfortable in bed, when you are dispatched to a residence for Chest Pain (CP). You arrive on scene to find an 81 year old male, semifowler’s in bed, complaining of chest heaviness, 8/10, which started 2 hours ago, while in bed, watching tv. The patient also advised […]

Magnesium and Cardiac Action Potential

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Magnesium (Mg++) is the second most abundant intracellular ion. Normal Serum Mg++ is 1.8 to 2.5 mg/dL or .8 to 1.5 mmol/L (millimoles per liter) (This values may vary depending on sources) Keep in mind, the Mg++ concentration in the average adult is approximately 25g, but most of our Mg++ is found in bones and […]


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This is the conclusion of the previous case: So, as mentioned before, you obtain this 12 lead ECG: A few minutes later, the LIFEPAK 15 prints out another 12 lead ECG: Although the computer suggests Atrial fibrillation, this irregular tachycardia has a group beating pattern with presence of P waves prior the QRS complexes and […]