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78 year old female CC: Headache

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Here’s a case submitted by a faithful reader by the name of Nick Mercer. EMS is dispatched to “possible heart attack” in rural Montana. On arrival they find a 78 year old female lying on the couch where her friends found her in the morning. The patient is awake and oriented but not alert. Speech […]

On the relative wisdom of synchronized cardioversion without sedation

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If the patient begs you not to shock, you probably shouldn’t shock!

69 year old male CC: Chest pain

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Christopher A. Watford from the My Variables Only Have 6 Letters blog has submitting a very interesting case study (actually he submitted two but you’ll have to wait for the other one). EMS is called to the residence of a 69 year old male complaining of chest pain. On arrival the patient is found sitting […]

Conclusion to case study "Changing Channels"

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Changing Channels: Patient follow-up.

43 year old female CC: Chest pain

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She is anxious and diaphoretic.

Tom Bouthillet and Jamie Davis discuss cardiac arrest and the chain-of-survival

Discussion on cardiac arrest and the chain-of-survival.

73 year old female CC: Chest pain

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EMS is called to the residence of a 73 year old female with a chief complaint of chest pain. On arrival the patient is found sitting on the couch. She appears acutely ill. Skin is pale and diaphoretic. Onset: 1 hour ago Provoke: Nothing makes the pain feel better or worse Quality: Heaviness or pressure […]

D2B Alliance "Sustain the Gain" webinar – "On Scene and Hospital Hypothermia"

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The October 2010 “Sustain the Gain” webinar at the D2B Alliance website is called “On Scene and Hospital Hypothermia“. Brent Myers, M.D. gives a very nice overview of Raleigh/Wake County EMS’s hypothermia program.¬†Click on the above link. Registration is fast and easy. The November 2010 “Sustain the Gain” webinar called “ECG Transmissions and False Positives” […]

New "EMS 12-Lead" Column at

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I have a new column at You can see Part I of my first article here: Changing Channels You can leave comments here, on the Facebook fan page, or at

2010 AHA ECC Guidelines – Interview with Monica Kleinman, M.D. and Jamie Davis

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I had the privilege of participating in a discussion about the new 2010 AHA ECC Guidelines with Jamie Davis (the “podmedic”) and Monica Kleinman, M.D., the incoming Chair of the ECC Committee. You can listen to the podcast here: Emergency Cardiovascular Care 2010 Update Interview Special thanks to Dave Hiltz and Kate Lino of the […]

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