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Using capnography to confirm capture with transcutaneous pacing (TCP)

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Those of you who have been following me for a while (here and other online forums) know that I have searching for cases where a patient was successfully paced with a Lifepak 12. I have reviewed dozens of cases where the treating paramedic thought the patient was being paced, but the rhythm strips showed only […]

58 year old male CC: Chest pain

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Here’s an interesting case sent in by a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. EMS is called to the residence of a 58 year old male complaining of chest discomfort. On arrival the patient is found sitting on the edge of the bed. He is anxious but alert and oriented to person, place, time, […]

Rhythm Challenge #5 – Answer

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As I explained in Evaluating the Pacemaker Patient – Part I, most modern pacemakers are DDD pacemakers according to the NBG pacemaker code.

Rhythm Challenge #5

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@S_Cook_EMTP contacted me on Twitter with regard to a 77 year old male with an interesting heart rhythm. He subsequently took a picture of the ECG and emailed it to me with this description: 77 yo male with history of COPD, CHF. Initial 4-lead EKG reveals A-Flutter with variable response: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1 […]

Early bird gets the worm

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As Ambulance Driver would say, “For all you EMS types, my latest column is up at” Early bird gets the worm Enjoy!

Cardiac Arrest – Anatomy of a System Failure

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Dave Statter ( recently posted a story about a cardiac arrest that occurred in Ocean City, MD. It’s a sad story with an unhappy ending. In fact, there’s only one redeeming quality about this story. It’s a perfect example of a system failure. The dispatcher who answered the 9-1-1 call “froze” and was unable to […]

Conclusion to 43 year old female CC: Chest pain – Angiograms

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Here is the conclusion to 43 year old female CC: Chest pain. Let’s take another look at her 12-lead ECG. This patient experienced cardiac arrest on arrival in the emergency department. She was defibrillated while still on the EMS gurney, stabilized, and then transferred to the cardiac catheterization lab. Here we see a proximal occlusion […]

Another soccer player experiences sudden cardiac arrest on camera

h/t Dr. Wes You might recall a previous post that showed Belgian soccer player Anthony Van Loo collapsing on camera and receiving a shock from his ICD. In this video Salamanca soccer player Miguel Garcia experiences a sudden cardiac arrest on camera. Electrophysiology Fellow makes the point that sudden syncope is almost always cardiac! You will […]

Physio-Control announces LIFENET System 5.0, partnership with AirStrip Technologies

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Today at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2010, Physio-Control announced the release of LIFENET 5.0 and a new partnership with AirStrip Technologies.

60 year old male CC: Syncope

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Here is yet another awesome case courtesy of Christopher Watford who writes the My Variables Only Have 6 Letters blog. One of these days Christopher is going to say (in his best Darth Vader voice), “Once you were the teacher but now I am the master!” and it will be completely justified. EMS is called […]

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