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Conclusion: Rate Related VS Primary ST-T Changes

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  This is the conclusion to our previous case, “RATE RELATED VS PRIMARY ST-T CHANGES“. Check it out before you read this final portion.   This was the initial 12 lead ECG obtained by EMS prior ED arrival: There is an irregularly irregular tachycardia with no signs of P waves, which the Lifepak 15 determined to […]

Rate Related VS. Primary ST-T Changes:

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A 56 year old black male presents to the Emergency Department via EMS, complaining of Chest Pressure, 10/10 pain scale. Pain started suddenly following sudden onset of palpitations, while mowing his lawn. All approximately 5 minutes prior calling EMS. Keep in mind, it was a hot and sunny day with temperature in the 90’s. He advised of prior episodes of chest pressure […]