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Just a paced rhythm… Or is it? Conclusion

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Ok, so I posted a 12 Lead ECG on Facebook this past Monday, June 2nd, 2014, which  generated some interesting comments and thoughts… EMS 12-Lead on Facebook: 67yom with Dyspnea and Diaphoresis  This ECG was obtained from a 67 year old male, complaining of difficulty breathing for the past 2 hours, and presented diaphoretic, with […]

30 YOM with Chest Pressure: Reperfusion AIVR

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This the case of a 30 year old male, complaining of chest pressure 8/10 pain scale, for about a week. The patient was born with unknown cardiac complications, which led to multiple near death arrhythmias, which is why the patient has an on demand pacemaker/defibrillator in place. He also has a history of Hypertension (HTN), […]