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45 year old male with “numb hands”

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This case illustrates both how good modern EMS can be at expediting emergency cardiac care, but also the challenges that still confront us. Yes, there is a “twist,” but only a small one. Note: I never saw this patient, but the ECGs and outcome were brought to my attention by a colleague, Dr K. Thrace, […]

Just a paced rhythm… Or is it? Conclusion

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Ok, so I posted a 12 Lead ECG on Facebook this past Monday, June 2nd, 2014, which  generated some interesting comments and thoughts… EMS 12-Lead on Facebook: 67yom with Dyspnea and Diaphoresis  This ECG was obtained from a 67 year old male, complaining of difficulty breathing for the past 2 hours, and presented diaphoretic, with […]