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89 Year old female CC: Sick- Discussion

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This is the discussion for 89 year old female CC: Sick.  You may wish to go back and review the case. To begin, lets review one of the 12 leads: Many of you correctly identified this as a third degree block….however, the etiology of the block was at the time unknown, especially in light of […]

89 Year Old Female CC: "Sick"

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It's a snowy afternoon, when you and your partner are called to a local doctor's office for an 89 year old female with "flu-like symptoms", including nausea and vomiting over the past two days. You walk into Room 2, and find a sick looking woman lying back on the exam bed…She is alert and oriented, and […]

Conclusion to "41 Year old female: chest pain"

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This is the conclusion to 41 year old female: chest pain. I think we would all agree the patient presentation is suspicious for ACS. Let's review the first 12 Lead: The rhythm is sinus tach. There is about 1mm of ST elevation in V1, and depending on where you spot your J point, little to […]

41 Year Old Female: Chest Pain

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Here's an interesting case sent in by faithful reader Carl R. Christiansen, Paramedic, from Norway. As usual, changes have been made to protect patient confidentiality. It's an early Sunday morning when you are dispatched to a hotel for a 41 year old female with chest pain.  You and your partner enter the hotel room and […]

Discussion to 63 year old male: chest pain – Wellens' Syndrome? Or something else…

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This is the discussion for 63 year old male: Chest Pain. Many of you thought the original 12 leads showed Wellens' Syndrome.  Lets review some key points about the T wave inversions of Wellens' for a moment: They occur when an occluded artery is reperfused, spontaneously or otherwise They are always recorded during a pain […]

63 year old male: chest pain

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David here, posting my first case on the blog… hope you enjoy, and Happy Father's Day! Here's an interesting case submitted by "Mike from Mass".  Some minor details have been changed to preserve patient confidentiality. EMS is dispatched to a residence for a 63 year old male with chest pain. Dispatch advises that a different […]

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