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49 Year Old Male: Chest Pain

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  This excellent case comes to us from our friends in the UK. The author wishes to remain anonymous, but we thank him for his contribution. It is about 8am on a gorgeous Wednesday morning, when your Paramedic unit is dispatched to a 49 year old male, "chest pain". You arrive at the bungalow of […]

Editors' Picks

  Summer is in full swing, and we are often asked about the best resources out there to learn more about ECG.  We decided to put together a list of "Editors' Picks" for some of our favorite "go-to" educational ECG resources.  Of course, this list is not comprehensive, and there are many outstanding books and […]

RBBB Abnormalities Missed

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The original presentation of this case appeared as  "What's Wrong with Mr. Wilson?"… You can read the original post here. Much has been written lately about RBBB abnormalities that were missed.  Dr. Smith has recently posted two cases here, and here discussing this. First, let's review the 12 lead of a typical RBBB. When learning […]

The Trouble with Sinus Tachycardia

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  Sometimes recognizing sinus tachycardia can give us fits. What? Sinus tachycardia? One of the most basic rhythms? The discussion that follows will highlight some of the difficulties sinus tach can present at high rates. The pitfalls of using the generalized term "SVT" will also be discussed. This discussion is not meant to imply that […]

"What's wrong with Mr. Wilson?"

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  It is a sunny January afternoon at the ER when you are called to see a 57 year old male complaining of feeling "really sick". You find your patient lying in the bed in room 3. He looks pale and short of breath. You introduce yourself and ask him why he has come in […]

HyperK and Shades of Grey: Myths and Facts about Hyperkalemia Part II

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Today we continue our discussion about the myths and facts of hyperkalemia with Dr. Brooks Walsh, author of the Mill Hill Ave Command blog. We also feature contributions from Dr. Stephen Smith, of Dr. Smith's ECG Blog. If you would like to refresh your memory on Part I visit here.             […]

HyperK and Shades of Grey: Myths and Facts about Hyperkalemia Part I

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Happy New Year everybody! We start 2013 with a continuation of our discussion about the field treatment of hyperkalemia.  It might be helpful to review the first part of the discussion," HyperK and Shades of Grey" here.  We are fortunate to have as a guest contributor Dr. Brooks Walsh of the Mill Hill Ave Command blog. […]

Hyper-K and Shades of Grey

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Good morning all… It's a beautiful fall Sunday morning, and you and your partner are enjoying an nice cup of coffee. But of course, the tones go off, and you are called to the residence of a 52 year old female, "sick". You recognize the address, you've been there before.  Upon your arrival, you find […]

53 Year Old Male: Severe Leg Pain–Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 53 year old male: Severe leg pain. You may wish to review the case. Before we begin, my apologies for the delay in posting this conclusion. I live in coastal NY, and we got hammered by Hurricane Sandy. It has taken me a little time to get all caught up. […]

53 Year Old Male: Severe Leg Pain

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This great case was sent in by faithful reader Bryan Brzycki, a Medic from Beaufort County. As usual, some minor information may be changed to protect patient confidentiality. It's a cloudy fall morning when the tones go off and your unit is dispatched to the residence of a 53 year old male.  When you and […]

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