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78 year old male CC: Dizziness

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Out front you are met by the patient’s wife, who frantically directs you inside…

54 year old female CC: BLS intercept – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 54 year old female CC: BLS intercept. I did not expect to get so many comments! Great discussion on many points. It even afforded an opportunity to review atrioventricular blocks. Going back to the case let’s look at the initial 12-Lead ECG. As many readers noted, there is a lot […]

Second Degree or Third Degree Atrioventricular Block?

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Take another look at the rhythm strip from the current case study, “54 year old female CC: BLS Intercept”: As many readers have pointed out, there exists some level of atrioventricular block. The question then is, which one is it: is it a second degree AV block or a third degree AV block? In order […]

54 year old female CC: BLS intercept

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Tom, our Editor-in-Chief, and David, an Associate Editor, are gone on vacation. As a send-off, I am presenting the following case. I hope you enjoy it! It is just after 3am when you are called to intercept a BLS unit on scene with a 54 year old female with a low heart rate. Upon your […]

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