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Brooks Walsh is a board-certified emergency physician working in Connecticut. He studied the philosophy of physics in college (Bell's Theorem anyone?), and attempted a masters-degree program in pure mathematics. He found far more success in an EMT-B class, however, and hasn't looked back since. He spent eight years in EMS (five of those as a paramedic) working for private, volunteer, and hospital-based EMS agencies. He once led a traditional 5.10 route in New Hampshire (since downgraded to 5.9+...), has summited Denali, can often correctly use the subjunctive mood in Spanish, finished a marathon in 4:37, has a 2K erg time of 6:46, and is never, ever, sick at sea.

45 year old male with “numb hands” – Discussion

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Go back to 45 year old male with “numb hands” to read about the presentation, and see the ECGs.   The culprit artery? After arriving at the hospital, the patient bypassed the ED, going directly to the cardiac catheterization lab. The patient was found to have a total occlusion of the proximal RCA, and the […]

45 year old male with “numb hands”

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This case illustrates both how good modern EMS can be at expediting emergency cardiac care, but also the challenges that still confront us. Yes, there is a “twist,” but only a small one. Note: I never saw this patient, but the ECGs and outcome were brought to my attention by a colleague, Dr K. Thrace, […]

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