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No, doubling the paper speed will not reveal hidden P-waves

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Apparently I went to the Rick Bukata School of Titling Articles. A 22-year-old male presents with agitation and delirium after smoking an unknown substance that an equally unknown person on the street offered him. You note a rapid radial pulse at around 150 bpm and attach him to the cardiac monitor: Well now we’re in […]

RCP de Alto Desempaño – ¡Rendimiento sobre Protocolo!

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Posición 1: Monitor Posición 2: RCP Posición 3: Vía Aérea Posición 4: Asistente Esta entrada es un complemento a Pit-Crew CPR en Adultos y Pit-Crew CPR Pediátrica. En concreto, esta es la forma en la que hemos modificado nuestro proceso de formación tras asistir a la Resuscitation Academy en Seattle / King County. Durante el […]

High Performance CPR – Performance Not Protocol!

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[Español] This is a supplement to Adult Pit Crew CPR and Pediatric Pit Crew CPR. Specifically, this is how we have modified our training process since attending the Resuscitation Academy in Seattle / King County. Each rescuer should experience each position at least twice. In other words, you run the drill, stop and switch, run the drill, […]