From Precons to EMS 10 Awards and Nightwatch! #EMSToday2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What an awesome day at EMS Today 2015! Kelly and I headed over to the Convention Center to get registered and ran into our very good friends Nick Nudell (@RunMedic), Chris Montera (@geekymedic), and Anne Robinson Montera (@CaringAnne).

Nick and I started the EKG Club many years ago as an email-based discussion group. It is now a thriving Facebook group that you should check out! We’ve also done some interesting consulting work together in the implantable medical device industry.

Chris and Anne are one of the “power couples” of EMS and are very influential in Community Paramedicine (more on that later).

Advanced Airway Cadaver Lab

After getting registered we headed over to the Advanced Airway Cadaver Lab which is put on by the Paragon Medical Education Group (@ParagonMedEd). It was really great because Kelly and I had met Jim Logan at a previous EMS 10 Awards event and got along great. I had also recently met Joe Holley, M.D. (@joeholley) on Twitter so they were expecting us. What an awesome experience!

As a side note, social media has become an indispensable tool at medical conferences!


Everyone in the cadaver lab was dressed in full PPE including mask, gown, gloves, and hair covers. So it was a surprise when I heard a British accent say, “Are you that blogger Tom?” I said, “Yes, I am!” Well guess what? It was Team London (#TeamLondon)! We started chatting and I couldn’t help but tell them how much respect I have for the London Ambulance Service. When I brought up the Code STEMI Web Series they said, “You know Mark Whitbread is here. He’s over at the Resuscitation Academy right now!”

It’s been 3 years so we had to head over and see it for ourselves!

Resuscitation Academy

The moment we walked into the Resuscitation Academy we were greeted by our good friend Mike Helbock (@medicme). Mike is one of the smartest guys I know and he is always very generous with his time and knowledge. Kelly and I had dinner with him when we were in Seattle and he told us all about the history of King County Medic One, how it got started, and how they operate. It was fascinating.

I said, “Hey Mike do you mind if I take some pictures?” and he said, “You can do anything you want!” which cracked me up.

As it turned out it was getting toward the end of the morning session and they were about to do a full code scenario. Guess who was right in the middle of the action? The one and only Mark Whitbread from the London Ambulance Service!


If you haven’t seen the London episode of the Code STEMI Web Series you need to watch it. It’s an incredible system! It was great to see Mark but we had one more stop to make!

Advanced Community Paramedicine Workshop 

We arrived at the Advanced Community Paramedicine Workshop just in time to see a presentation about 2-1-1 San Diego and how it connects people who are struggling with appropriate resources. Immediately afterward our good friend Chris Montera (@geekymedic) talked about a case study from Eagle County Paramedic Services in Colorado.


After Chris’s presentation Kelly and I had a nice conversation with Matt Zavadsky (@MattZavadsky) from MedStar Mobile Healthcare. He’s a very well known guy in Community Paramedicine so it was nice to hear his perspective about 2-1-1 San Diego. Anyone who wants a nice introduction to Community Paramedicine can attend Introduction to Community Paramedicine today from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Pratt Street Ale House

After a quick lunch at the Diamond Tavern (and another run-in with Team London) Kelly and I headed over to the Pratt Street Ale House where we met up with Thaddeus Setla (@setla), Scott Kier (@MedicSBK), Jeff Sorenson (@chicagomedic), Michael Herbert (@BigGermanMike), and several others (I hope they will forgive me for leaving them out). Things were just starting to get interesting when it was time for Kelly and I to head back to the room and get ready for the EMS 10 Awards.


Of course we just missed Hayden Drake (@paramedickiwi) from Team AUT!

By the way, the #EMSToday2015 hashtag on Twitter is really blowing up with some great stuff!

EMS 10 Awards

It’s always a real pleasure and distinct honor to share an evening with some of the greatest innovators in EMS and the EMS 10 Awards is a place where that is always guaranteed to happen! But, there’s one group that really stole the show and that was the crew from Nightwatch!


Left-to-right: Titus Tero (@NightwatchTitus), Dan Flynn (@Nightwatch_Dan), Kelly Arashin (@BarefootNurse24), Keeley Williams (@nightwatchmedic), Holly Monteleone (@NightwatchHolly), and Nick Manning (@Nightwatch_Nick)

It was impossible to not be impressed. They are a very genuine, and very gracious, group of top-notch EMS professionals! They really do the EMS profession and the City of New Orleans proud. Ken Bouvier is doing something right. That is obvious! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet the crew from Nightwatch. They will hanging out with the good folks from Physio-Control (@PhysioControl) at Booth 804.

There’s much more to say about the EMS 10 Awards and the very deserving awardees but I must get ready for my first-ever JEMS Editorial Board meeting which is sure to be interesting!

Stay tuned. This conference is just getting started! Follow me on Twitter at @tbouthillet.

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