A visit to Johns Hopkins #EMSToday2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We arrived a day early into Baltimore and decided it would be a good idea to visit what is arguably the nation’s best hospital. Johns Hopkins Hospital’s core values include Excellence & Discovery, Leadership & Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, and Respect & Collegiality and you sense when you’re walking around that it’s more than just lip service.


I’ve written many times about Peter Pronovost and The Science of Safety (everyone in medicine should be required to watch the video). It’s not an accident that one of the world’s foremost experts in patient safety calls Johns Hopkins home!

The history in this place is incredible. It was originally built in 1889. The Rotunda, which is now part of the Administrative Building, houses a towering statue of Jesus known as Christus Consolator. It is a powerful presence. Passers-by including patients, family members, medical students, residents, and surgeons reverently touch the statue. You can’t help but wonder about them. What challenges do they face? What complex cases are they participating in?


Here in a hospital famed for modern medicine, a 10-and-a-half-foot marble statue of Jesus rises beneath its historic dome. Elsewhere, such a prominently featured religious symbol might be cause for controversy. But at Hopkins Hospital, “Christus Consolator” has managed to defy its traditional symbolism and garner respect from nearly all who pass.

Long a source of solace and hope for patients and families, the Christ statue also has meaning for hundreds of employees. For many it signifies healing, hope and compassion; for others, it means faith and tradition and even freedom. To a few, it is simply a work of art, or even a throw-back to a less tolerant time. Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists-all interpret the statue in ways that feel right for them. [Source]


Towering above the statue is the Rotunda. Legend has it that the term “grand rounds” or “making the rounds” originated here as physicians had to climb a winding staircase that exited at each floor into the circular hallway under the dome.

On the way back from Hopkins we ran into our good friend Mike McEvoy @McEvoyMike at the Marriott Inner Harbor.


You might remember Mike from one of our most popular EMS 12-Lead podcasts Episode #11: Are we harming patients with oxygen? We finished up the night with food and adult beverages in the lobby.

This morning we’re off to visit the Advanced Airway Cadaver Lab, the Resuscitation Academy, and the Advanced Community Paramedicine Workshop!

Are you following the #EMSToday2015 hashtag on Twitter? You should be! That’s where I found out from @hp_ems that the EMS 10 Award winners for 2014 were posted online!


Head on over and check it out! The EMS 10 Awards are tonight and this is usually the highlight of the trip.

Stay tuned for more updates from EMS Today 2015!

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