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Here’s a blog post so promotional that it may crash Facebook’s throttling algorithm!


In case you weren’t aware, the EMS Today conference is back in Baltimore and is scheduled to take place  February 25-28, 2015. In my last blog post I wrote about some of the reasons I love Baltimore and why I believe it’s the “spiritual home” of EMS Today (even though I really enjoyed Washington, D.C.).

Have you been thinking about attending?

Good news! If you register through one of the JEMS/PennWell EMS blogs, you not only receive a $100.00 discount from the regular price ($15.00 in addition to the $85.00 early bird registration discount) but you will also be entered into a drawing to win an iPad mini!

If that sounds lame, think again, because the drawing will be limited to the just the folks who register through an EMS blog and there will be two drawings; one at the end of December and one at the end of January. As of today there are only three blogs participating (including EMS 12-Lead) so I’m guessing the odds will actually be pretty good for this type of drawing.

To enter, visit the (>>> registration page <<<) and enter the promo code EMS12LEAD during checkout.

It’s that easy! You will be automatically entered into the drawing. If one of our followers wins the iPad mini we will announce it here (and through our social media channels).


As a side-note, the 12-Lead ECG Challenge App looks amazing on iPad and iPad mini! The cost is only $5.99 and it makes a great Christmas gift! (Apple iOS, Android, Amazon, Web-Based). Educators can also use the app in the classroom setting or for continuing education! Contact Limmer Creative for details.

Remember to follow the #EMSToday2015 hashtag on Twitter! We’re hoping to arrange a meet-up!


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