59 year old male: chest pressure – Conclusion

The conclusion has been combined with the original case study.



  • Tony says:

    Please explain why you suggest that the inferoposterior is caused by RCA but the Left Cx has been stented. Thank you.

    • Christopher Watford says:


      From the initial ECG it appears that the pattern of ST-elevation is suggestive of a proximal RCA occlusion. However, at cath it was instead found to be an LCx lesion.

      Good question!

      • Tony says:

        Thank you Christopher. I am wondering if this particular patient is one of the minority where the LCx is the dominant artery supplying the Posterior and Inferior regions. I believe this to be the case in only about 15% of the population. Whereas approx. 80% are Right dominant.

  • Dr Equbal says:

    Sir, first ECG it self shows LCX Occulsion as
    No STD in lead I, Raciprocal STD in aVL , STE in Leads
    II,III, aVF, and can see subtle STE in leads
    V5 and V6.
    There is no STD in V1,V2 but lead V3and V4
    Do show STD but are not typical of Posterior
    MI. So this ECG is Inferior Infarct due to LCc
    Occulsion. Your comment.

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