Editors' Picks


Summer is in full swing, and we are often asked about the best resources out there to learn more about ECG. 

We decided to put together a list of "Editors' Picks" for some of our favorite "go-to" educational ECG resources. 

Of course, this list is not comprehensive, and there are many outstanding books and sites that are not mentioned here this time around. 

However, you have to start somewhere! 



"12 Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation" (Garcia and Holtz)

"Chou's Electrocardiography in Clinical Practice" (6th edition is recommended)

"Practical Electrocardiography" (Henry J.L. Marriott– Note: we recommend no later than the 8th edition– Marriott himself did not write later editions of the book)

"The ECG in Acute MI: An Evidence-Based Manual of Reperfusion Therapy" (Dr. Stephen Smith– Note: This book is solid gold, but very hard to come by since it went out of print.)

"Advanced ECG: Boards and Beyond" (Brendon Phibbs)


The World Wide Web:

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog— The Gold Standard

Life in the Fast Lane— The ECG Library is an invaluable resource

Dr. Amal Mattu's EKG Videos— Excellent weekly instructional videocasts

ECG Wave-Maven— Tons of practice ECGs to practice with from beginner to advanced. Detailed interpretations provided.



12 Lead ECG Challenge— Created by Tom Bouthillet

Editor's note: While listing the "12 Lead ECG Challenge" app could be seen as self-serving, I must tell you that this app is of such high quality and value that it simply can not be left off the list. I use it often. – David







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