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47 year old male: Holiday Indigestion

Thanks go to a long time reader Nicholas Eisele for this holiday case! As always, details have been changed to protect patient privacy. It is a blustery Christmas morning when you and your partner are dispatched for a 47 year old male with chest pain. Firefighters are already on scene obtaining a history and vitals […]

New Infographic: Left Anterior Fascicular Block (LAFB)

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Since infographics are all the rage nowadays I thought we'd put some together for ECG interpretation. I'm starting with left anterior fascicular block… well, just because! I hope you find these to be useful! See also: Left anterior fascicular block

"What's wrong with Mr. Wilson?"

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  It is a sunny January afternoon at the ER when you are called to see a 57 year old male complaining of feeling "really sick". You find your patient lying in the bed in room 3. He looks pale and short of breath. You introduce yourself and ask him why he has come in […]

HyperK and Shades of Grey: Myths and Facts about Hyperkalemia Part II

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Today we continue our discussion about the myths and facts of hyperkalemia with Dr. Brooks Walsh, author of the Mill Hill Ave Command blog. We also feature contributions from Dr. Stephen Smith, of Dr. Smith's ECG Blog. If you would like to refresh your memory on Part I visit here.             […]