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63 year old male CC: Substernal Chest Pain

Today we're presenting a case from our friend Dr. Brooks Walsh of Mill Hill Avenue Command and Doc Cottle's Desk. In fact, this case is being presented both for his readers and for ours! We hope you like it. You're working ED triage when a 63-year-old man walks in complaining of substernal chest pressure that […]

53 Year Old Male: Severe Leg Pain

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This great case was sent in by faithful reader Bryan Brzycki, a Medic from Beaufort County. As usual, some minor information may be changed to protect patient confidentiality. It's a cloudy fall morning when the tones go off and your unit is dispatched to the residence of a 53 year old male.  When you and […]

24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack" – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to our case 24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack". Be sure to read Part I before the conclusion! When we left off, our providers were on scene with a young man, in custody, who was pale and had a radial pulse too fast to count. A narrow complex tachycardia was present […]

Episode #10 – Brooks Walsh, M.D. from Mill Hill Ave Command

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EMS 12-Lead podcast – Episode #10 – Brooks Walsh, M.D. from the Mill Hill Ave Command blog  In this episode of the EMS 12-Lead podcast we're joined by Brooks Walsh, M.D., Emergency Physician and Editor of Mill Hill Ave Command and Doc Cottle's Desk. We discuss paramedic education, ECGs, blogging, science fiction doctors, "treating the patient […]

62 year old male: Chest Discomfort – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to our three part case series, 62 year old male: Chest Discomfort. Before reading the conclusion, we suggest you check out Part I and Part II. Thanks again to Vince DiGiulio, EMT-CC for this wonderful case! When we last left off, our patient had experienced a resolution of his chest pain […]

24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack"

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This great case comes from a long time reader who wishes to remain anonymous. As always, details have been changed to protect patient and provider privacy. You're dispatched on an ALS quick response vehicle by law enforcement requesting EMS to check up on a subject. Dispatch notes indicate officers were called reference a domestic disturbance […]