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52 year old male CC: Seizure

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You're working a QRV on a busy weekend, when you get dispatched for a "man down". No transport units are initially available, but a BLS crew from a neighboring town are on their way. Upon your arrival an officer on scene directs you inside to a man he says, "looks like he had a seizure". […]

What Happened?

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A 68 year old male, with no significant medical history, presents to the local ED (non-PCI) with chest pain. He had been doing some gardening, when he suddenly felt chest discomfort (8/10), non-radiating with diaphoresis. His wife drove him to the ED. Once there, he was given ASA and NTG, and the following ECG was […]

Treat the patient not the monitor?

Here at the EMS 12-Lead Blog, we love case studies. We love to post them, you love to read them, and many of you love to comment on them. Not only on this blog, but on other very good blogs that are out there as well. I think it’s a great way to learn, and […]

Snapshot Discussion: 32 year old Male–Chest Discomfort

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Here is the discussion for the Snapshot Case: 32 year old male–Chest Discomfort. Sorry for the delay. If you recall, we have a young patient, a 32 year old male, with a heart rate too rapid to count. He is alert and oriented, and has a good pressure (126/70). He has been in the following […]

Physio-Control demos how to incorporate the LUCAS into a "pit crew" approach to resuscitation

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Cam Pollock and John Friederich from Physio-Control put on a demonstration for us at Fire-Rescue Med 2012 to show how the LUCAS Chest Compression System can be incorporated into a "pic crew" concept for CPR and resuscitation. As you will see the application of the LUCAS device need not cause a significant delay in chest […]

Comparing 12-Leads: Discussion

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This is the discussion for Comparing 12-Leads: Common Error or Common Disease? All of our readers were on the right track, and many were spot on! Sometimes, troubleshooting an ECG is more than just lead placement. In this case report, we had three 12-Lead ECG's, all featuring a similar pattern: inappropriate R-wave progression. Initially, when […]

Comparing 12-Leads: Common Error or Common Disease?

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The following is a case report involves three ECG's recorded on three different patients on three different crews during the same week. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to determine what these three patients have in common and what action should be taken! The first 12-Lead ECG is from an 88 year […]