Team EMS 12-Lead brings home Judges' Choice for 2012 EMS Blog of the Year

On behalf of Team EMS 12-Lead (Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind and Christopher Watford) I am pleased to officially acknowledge that the EMS 12-Lead blog won Judges' Choice for 2012 EMS Blog of the Year.

This contest was hosted by EMS1, FireRescue1 and and sponsored by the American Military University.

The total list of nominees can be found here. Lots of good reading can be found here! 

Congratulations to Insomniac Medic who took home the Readers' Choice award.

The winning Fire blogs were STATter911 and Backstep Firefighter.

Here are the submission criteria that were used to select the winners.

"Our judges will choose ten finalists from the first round of nominations. The finalists will then be eligible for a ‘Judge’s Choice’ prize as well as a ‘Reader’s Choice’ prize.

Judges will choose these finalists based on the following criteria:

  • Calibre of posts relating to the Fire and/or EMS fields
  • Frequency of posting Professionalism towards our service(s)
  • Quality of content
  • Longevity as a blogger

For the second part of the contest, readers will then be able to vote in our poll for their favorite blog, which will provide us with a ‘Reader’s Choice’ winner. The ‘Judge’s Choice’ winner will be ascertained by judges then considering the following criteria:

  • Use of other online channels to promote their content
  • Blog design
  • Blogger creativity
  • Reader engagement"

The judges were:

I'd say we didn't bribe them but I haven't checked with David and Christopher yet.

It's been a good year for the EMS 12-Lead blog and we'd like to thank all of our friends, colleagues, followers, fellow bloggers and podcasters, and everyone else who helps to make the EMS blogosphere (EMS 2.0) a dynamic environment where learning can be interesting and "cool" again.

We'll do our best to continue innovating, sharing awesome cases, hosting interesting guests, expanding into new media and challenging you in engaging and participatory ways! 

Check out our archives here.

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