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Team EMS 12-Lead brings home Judges' Choice for 2012 EMS Blog of the Year

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On behalf of Team EMS 12-Lead (Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind and Christopher Watford) I am pleased to officially acknowledge that the EMS 12-Lead blog won Judges' Choice for 2012 EMS Blog of the Year. This contest was hosted by EMS1, FireRescue1 and and sponsored by the American Military University. The total list of nominees can be found here. Lots of […]

88 year old male CC: Chest pain – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 88 year old male CC: Chest pain. You may wish to go back and review the history and clinical presentation. First, let's look at the rhythm strip. This shows an undetermined regular rhythm at a rate of about 60 with demand ventricular pacing.  This is an oversimplification but as long […]

88 year old male CC: Chest pain

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EMS is called to a 88 year old male with a chief complaint of chest discomfort. On arrival the patient meets EMS at the front door. His skin is slightly pale and moist. He appears anxious. Past medical history: "Cardiac", pacemaker, hypertension, dyslipidemia Medications: Numerous, unavailable at the time of EMS evaluation Paramedics lead the […]

Discussion for 58 year old male CC: Epigastric pain

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This is the discussion for our "Snapshot" case, 58 year old male CC: Epigastric pain. You may wish to review the case before continuing. Thanks to all of you, we had a lot of great comments! Many of you had wished we had a rhythm strip to analyze… keep in mind, this 12 lead is a […]

Wednesday Missive: On Innovation and Gratitude

As most of you know by now, "Team EMS-12 Lead" had a lot to celebrate at the EMS Today conference in Baltimore. Tom Bouthillet received his well deserved EMS 10 award, and his Code STEMI Web Series premiered as well. Lots of great stuff going on! The premier of Code STEMI happening the same time […]

Snapshot: 58 year old male CC: Epigastric pain

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From time to time, we may have an interesting ECG, but without enough information (including final diagnosis) or additional ECGs to make a full case study.  In these instances, we will share the ECG and whatever information we have in our "Snapshot" series.  As always, some information may be changed to protect patient confidentiality.  Hope […]

Update from EMS Today 2012

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Photo credit: Kelly Arashin "Team EMS-12 Lead" (Christopher Watford, Tom Bouthillet and David Baumrind) at the EMS 10 Awards It's been an amazing week at EMS Today 2012! As you probably already know (if you've been following our Facebook page) I won an EMS 10 Award on Wednesday night. I was nominated by our good friend […]