Philips introduces the HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator

Believe it or not I've only used an AED once in my entire career and I wasn't even on duty! It was over 10 years ago on a commercial jet airliner. It was a nice little AED complete with an ECG screen (it's nice to see what you're shocking) made by Philips. Afterwards I did an internet search and my best guess at the time was that the AED on the plane was the HeartStart FR2 or FR2+. 

Even though I had never used this particular AED before it was remarkably similar to the Laerdal AED Trainer. The device worked flawlessly and led to a positive outcome. Fast forward to 2011 and Philips has announced the HeartStart FR3, a device that Philips promises to make life-saving faster, easier and better. 

Features of the device:

  • Small, lightweight and rugged
  • Reduced deployment time (automatically powers on when opened and pads pre-connected)
  • Patient-specific guidance (chest compressions vs. shock)
  • Bright, high-resolution color LCD for use in noisy environments
  • Data management solution with efficient event review

See demo video here. The Philips product page on JEMS is here. Connect on Facebook here.

Tom Bouthillet and have no conflict of interest with Philips Healthcare although we have noticed an ad for this product running occasionally on our blog which means we receive some modest ad revenue if you click on it. So feel free!


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