Product Reviews from EMS World Expo 2011 Part 2 – EMS 12-Lead Podcast Episode #5

EMS 12-Lead podcast – Episode #5 – Product Review from EMS World Expo 2011 (Part 2)

In this episode Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, Executive Producer Jamie Davis (MedicCast and ProMed Network) and Rob Theriault (Paramedic Tutor and EMS EduCast) discuss 12-lead ECG interpretation, regional systems of care for acute STEMI, and quality and process improvement for cardiac arrest.

Specifically we discuss Physio-Control's CODE STAT Suite software and ZOLL Medical Corp's CPR Dashboard and See Thru CPR.

Rob Theriault
Paramedic Tutor
EMS EduCast
YouTube Channel (highly recommended)

"Podmedic" Jamie Davis
Executive Producer of the EMS 12-Lead podcast
ProMed Network


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