12-Lead ECG Challenge app now available for Android and Apple iOS

In a previous review of the ACLS Review app by Limmer Creative I announced that I was working together with Limmer Creative to create a 12-Lead ECG Challenge app.

I'm pleased to announce that the app is now available for Android and Apple iOS! The product made its debut at EMS World Expo 2011 in Las Vegas.

As chance would have it I was there for other reasons and my good friends Ted Setla and Justin Schorr of the First Responders Network were kind enough to interview me about the app.



Here's how it works.



The app has 150 12-lead ECGs that were taken from actual patient encounters.

The user of the app is given a brief scenario. For example, a 95 year old female with a chief complaint of altered level of consciousness.

You can tap on the little magnifying glass to enlarge and expand the 12-lead ECG.

Once you think you know the answer you tap the ANSWER button, the card flips, and the answer text comes up along with (in most cases) an ANSWER graphic.

In this case we are dealing with a bifascicular block (right bundle branch block and left anterior fascicular block) as evidenced by the supraventricular rhythm with a QRS duration > 120 ms, the RBBB morphology in lead V1 and a left axis deviation (QRS complexes positive in lead I and negative in leads II and aVF).

The 12-Lead ECG Challenge app strongly emphasizes acute STEMI and the STEMI mimics (including benign early repolarization, left ventricular hypertrophy, paced rhythm, left bundle branch block, pericarditis, left ventricular aneurysm, hyperkalemia, hypothermia, WPW and Brugada) so it's a great study tool to help paramedics minimize false positive cardiac cath lab activations.

For example, here's an answer graphic that demonstrates the relevant findings for a patient whose 12-lead ECG was consistent with pericarditis.

The app is priced at $4.99, a bargain when you consider that online 12-lead ECG tutorials start at around $45.00. Our goal was to appeal to a world-wide market and make it affordable for everyone.

You can download it here:

(Android)  (Apple iOS)  (Web Based)

If you like the app (or even if you don't) feel free to leave a review, here or at the Android Market or Apple Store.

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  • Christopher says:

    Now I have to buy a smartphone!

  • Do we need a fundraiser Christopher? How in the world does an engineer and programmer not have a smartphone?

  • Christopher – we’ve got you covered! In October, 12-Lead ECG Challenge will be available on the web at LimmerCreative.com. When you get that smartphone, you will be able to view it via mobile web without having to re-purchase the app!

  • Christopher says:


    I use Poser Mobile (pay as you go) because I'm cheap. Hell, I didn't even own a cell phone until I was 23! Nor a laptop until I was 25. Some software engineers just kick it old school I guess.


    Good to hear. What sort of options are available for a service to get that in bulk for continuing education?

  • Christopher – We will offer bulk sales for agencies and educational institutions.  Contact me through our website http://limmercreative.com/contact.html and we will be in touch!  Thanks!

  • David Baumrind says:


    is it true you are still using dial-up AOL?

  • doobis says:

    I have found the app useful especially in recognizing STEMI mimics.  The app has crashed/"forced closed" a few times using the Motorola Xoom but for the most part I have not had any problems.  I am hopeful that there will be some added EKGs in the future when interesting cases are found.
    It was well worth the $5.

  • Mel says:

    Just bought it for my android!  Love it!  Great job Tom, I have also recommended other medics I work with download it, as well as medic students.  Only one suggestion, should you make another, or do updates to it…  perhaps include more demographics on patient condition and hx?  Vitals, etc, kinda like you have on this blog?

  • Matt Hons says:

    ~~I would love to buy it but I have a Windows phone.

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