Sudden Cardiac Arrest podcasts from EMS Today 2011

Here's a recap of some of the great podcasts from EMS Today 2011 that specifically addressed sudden cardiac arrest.

In Part I of this podcast, EMS Garage host and "EMS 10" awardee Chris Montera chats with Ben Bobrow, M.D., James Jollis, M.D. and Graham Nichol, M.D. of the Heart Rescue Project. This program looks at the variability of survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest around the country and shares best practices.

In Part II (starting at about the 14:50 mark), the "podmedic" Jamie Davis, Tom Bouthillet, Dana Yost and Tim Noonan discuss process improvement for sudden cardiac arrest. Dana Yost is with Redmond Fire Department (King County Medic One) and shares some insights into their awesome survival rates.

In this segment, Carissa O'Brien conducts a separate interview with Graham Nichol, M.D. of the HeartRescue Project.

In this podcast Tom Bouthillet, Tim Noonan, Dave Hiltz and Lynn White discuss HEARTsafe Communities, the HeartRescue Project and process improvement for cardiac arrest.

Dave Hiltz was named one of the "EMS 10" (Top 10 Innovators in EMS) at EMS Today 2011 and Lynn White literally wrote the book for the HeartRescue Project.

You can find the HEARTsafe Community Facebook page HERE and you can learn more about the HeartRescue Project HERE.

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