Conclusion to "Not So Fast…" at — Ventricular Tachycardia!

Here’s the conclusion to the January 2011 EMS 12-Lead column “Not So Fast…” at

Not so fast…Patient follow-up

Congratulations to Vince DiGiulio for submitting the winning diagnosis!


  • Christopher says:

    Strong work VinceD! I didn’t follow through on my PAC comment, and missed the obvious VT analogue “fusion complex”. Down at the bottom of the rhythm strip you can see the axis change fairly clearly.

  • VinceD says:

    Thanks! I didn’t even notice the upright complex in III through all the baseline movement either, I just blew off those areas of II and III as useless at the time and moved on. I was pushing things a bit by calling it a fusion beat based off the narrower R-wave without that much more conclusive evidence, nice find.

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