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Black Diamond Footwear – Bunker Boots – X Boot #0911

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Cross-posted under the Product Reviews tab. Here is the long awaited review of the X Boot #0911 Bunker Boot by Black Diamond Footwear. Find them on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE. Disclaimer: I am reviewing these boots in my capacity as the editor of the Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog and not in my capacity […]

Appropriate Cardiac Cath Lab Activation: Optimizing ECG interpretation and clinical decision making for acute STEMI

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An important and useful article has been published that deserves our attention. Rokos IC, French WJ, Mattu A, Nichol G, Farkouh ME, Reiffel J, Stone GW (December 2010). “Appropriate Cardiac Cath Lab activation: Optimizing electrocardiogram interpretation and clinical decision-making for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction“. Am Heart J 160 (6): 995–1003.e8 Here are some comments from […]

41 year old female CC: Chest pain

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Here’s a case submitted by Bob Sullivan from New Castle County EMS. EMS is called to the residence of a 41 year old female with chest pain. Onset: Sudden while sweeping the floor Provoke: Nothing makes the pain better or worse Quality: Tightness Radiate: The pain does not radiate Severity: 8/10 Time: 20 minutes prior […]

Holiday Heart at 510 Medic

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I’m not sure if I ever formally recommended the 510Medic blog authored by Patrick Lickiss at, but he’s been in my blogroll for some time now. He’s also one of the contributors to the burgeoning EMS Research podcast. It’s an excellent EMS blog that deserves to be followed and read, so please check him […]

76 year old male CC: "Possible MI"

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Call is received into control via 999 from a General Practitioners Surgery. Call is received as 76 year old male with possible MI.

Early Bird Gets the Worm – Conclusion

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The conclusion to the November 2010 EMS 12-Lead column Early Bird Gets the Worm is now posted at Early Bird Gets the Worm: Patient Follow-Up You can become a fan of on Facebook by clicking HERE.

73 year old female CC: Chest pain – Conclusion with angiograms

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Here is the conclusion to 73 year old female CC: Chest pain. I’m sorry the conclusion to this case took so long. Due to a clerical error I received a duplicate case. Let’s take another look at the 12-lead ECG. The patient was emergently cathed and a partially occlusive thrombotic lesion was identified in the […]

It's not too late to help Lt. Matt McDowell and FF David Rice!

I wrote about this previously and I pledged $50.00 which I donated by using this link to Bluffton Township Fire District’s webpage, and I’m hoping you will consider doing the same. In case you didn’t know, Lt. Matt McDowell is the author of the S.A.F.E. Firefighter blog and his daughter Juliann will be born with […]

Jamie Davis, Peter Canning, and Tom Bouthillet discuss waveform capnography on the Innovations in Patient Care podcast

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Innovations in Patient Care podcast sponsored by Physio-Control. Jamie Davis, Peter Canning, and Tom Bouthillet discuss waveform capnography. Part I Part II Subscribe to the Innovations in Patient Care podcast on iTunes here.

Using capnography to confirm capture with transcutaneous pacing (TCP)

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Those of you who have been following me for a while (here and other online forums) know that I have searching for cases where a patient was successfully paced with a Lifepak 12. I have reviewed dozens of cases where the treating paramedic thought the patient was being paced, but the rhythm strips showed only […]

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