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I’m not sure if I ever formally recommended the 510Medic blog authored by Patrick Lickiss at, but he’s been in my blogroll for some time now.

He’s also one of the contributors to the burgeoning EMS Research podcast.

It’s an excellent EMS blog that deserves to be followed and read, so please check him out and like him on Facebook!

Recently Patrick wrote a couple of posts about Holiday Heart Syndrome and the evaluation of syncope that you can read HERE and HERE.

Hey, Patrick! We ECG geeks like to see the ECGs! 🙂

I would add HCM, WPW, Brugada, and prolonged QT to the high-risk causes of syncope that can and should be ruled out with a 12-lead ECG!

This is a major gap in paramedic education that worries me quite a bit, especially with syncope patients who elect not to be transported to the emergency department (which happens in my jurisdiction quite often).

I’ve only written about one case where Holiday Heart Syndrome was the likely culprit and that was the 35 year old male CC: Palpitations that walked into the fire station and was found to be in atrial fibrillation.

You can read more about Holiday Heart Syndrome by reading this excellent article at

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  • Many thanks to Tom for the shout out here! The final installment of the Holiday Heart series is on its way. Life happens and a few things have come up. Maybe I’ll change it to the New Year’s Heart series!

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