Peter Pronovost – The Science of Safety

As some of you may know patient safety, crew resource management, human factors, and quality improvement are areas of interest for me.

This is worth your time.

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  • Timothy Clemans says:

    I read his book Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals. I highly recommend it as it has important lessons for anyone wanting to improve a profession he or she cares about. There's a stunning account of a lady dying to due to a pair of latex gloves wore by the surgeon. Pronovost struggled to convince the surgeon to change gloves. See pg. 74 for the account. My favorite quote from the book is "If I ever let that focus change from patient centered to Pronovost centered, I knew I would lose the support of my fellow physicians."

  • Christopher says:

    We just had a weekend EMS seminar at an area community college, and one of the talks was on Crew Resource Management. Was very interesting, being newer to EMS, I hadn't had much focus on the topic. I'm looking forward to watching these videos when I get home.

  • mdfps says:

    Fantastic videos. Should be required viewing throughout the health care field.

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