12-Lead ECG Education Podcast at the EMS EduCast

The 12-Lead ECG Education podcast is available for download from the EMS EduCast. Thanks to Greg Friese (@gfriese), Rob Theriault, and Bill Toon (@wftoon) for having me on the show!

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  • Timothy Clemans says:

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the EMSEdUCast. I particularly liked Rob's explanation of why it's good for physicians to look at the EKG.

  • beavermedic says:

    Great response to Rob's question on the ideal basis for 12-lead teaching. "Learn how the trees grow before you name the forest."Good point with the ensuing axis-determination phobia as well.Awesome job Tom.

  • Tom B says:

    Thanks, Brendan (aka Beaver Medic)! I like the quote, too.I wish I would have made the point that it's impossible to identify acute STEMI with a high degree of specificity without understanding things like axis determination and appropriate T-wave discordance.You can certainly identify acute STEMI with a high degree of sensitivity without those things, but you will have an unacceptably high number of false positives.Tom

  • Tom B says:

    Thanks, Timothy! I liked that, too. Ivan Rokos MD (EM representative to the D2B Alliance) talks about having multiple sets of "critical eyes" on an ECG prior to exposing a patient to a potentially risky procedure.What's wrong with having an emergency physician and a cardiologist weigh in? It's not a threat to us. It's just good for the patient.Tom

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