EMS Today – Friday March 5, 2010

Here’s my continuing coverage of the EMS Today conference in Baltimore!

Friday, March 5

I had all the intentions of attending one of the 8:30 a.m. sessions, but when I woke up at 7:00 a.m. the rationalizing started. Suffice to say, I ended up going to one of Physio-Control’s educational sessions instead! It was taught by “the Pope” of 12-lead ECG interpretation Tim Phalen.

“The Pope” Tim Phalen

Physio-Control’s education area in the exhibit hall

The session was called “Got STEMI? Identifying the top 5 STEMI impostors”.

Once that was done I walked over to the ZOLL area which was right next door!

That’s where I ran into several bloggers that I had never met in real life!

Update: I’m taking a play from Rhett Fleitz’s play book and adding the Twitter IDs and links.

There was “The Godfather” Kelly Grayson (@AmboDriver) A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver, TOTWTYTR (real identity is classified), Chris Kaiser (@Ckemtp) Life Under the Lights, and April Saling (@Epi_Junky) Pink Warm and Dry, Rhett Fleitz (@FireCritic) The Fire Critic, and John Mitchell (@firedaily) Fire Daily. Also present were Ted Setla (@setla) and Chris Eldridge (@thedridge) Chronicles of EMS, Chris Montera (@geekymedic) The EMS Garage and Jamie Davis (@podmedic) MedicCast.

Of course, Mark Glencorse (@UKMedic999) 999Medic and Justin Schorr (@TheHappyMedic) The Happy Medic were also there, since they were ZOLL’s honored guests.

Special thanks to ZOLL (@zollemsfire) for sponsoring the Chronicles of EMS!

If I missed anyone, please drop me a line and refresh my memory!

I know there was a photograph or two taken of this coincidental meet-up, so if it’s on your camera, please share the wealth!

Update: The photo can be found HERE at The Fire Critic’s blog.

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Advanced Practice Paramedics: One Year Later
Brent Myers, MD, MPH, FACEP, EMT-P

Dr. Brent Myers – Medical Director for Wake County EMS

I talked Chris Kaiser into attending this session with me (it didn’t take much persuading).

Dr. Brent Myers seems like a really cool guy! He gives off a distinctly military vibe, but I asked him and he said he wasn’t military-trained. Maybe he’s just a Texan! Turns out he’s a 100% North Carolinian!

This was a really great session where Dr. Myers gave us an inside look at Wake County’s Advanced Paramedic Program (Respond, Reduce, Redirect). This is one of the initiatives that makes Wake County EMS one of the best in the nation!

From there I got myself some lunch and went back to my hotel room to recuperate and blog about Thursday’s activities. By the time I was finished it was time to gear up for the Fire/EMS Blogger Meet-up!

8:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Fire/EMS Blogger Meet-up

This was an awesome event! I don’t think I could do it justice, but here are some photos.

Update: Some additional bloggers I met included:

Mike Ward (@FossilMedic) one of the FireGeezer crew who helped co-sponsor the event through The George Washington University – Emergency Health Services Program. It was an honor to meet you, Mike! Thank you for being so welcoming and cordial!

Seb Wong (@sebwong) from Really?…Why?…Ok! (or Seb and his Musings — not sure what the actual name of his blog is). However, he’s the EMS Chief from San Francisco who came to the event along with The Happy Medic. I already knew Seb from various discussion forums and listservs and it looks like his new blog is off to an excellent start!

Ronnie Grubb “The Gatekeeper” and First Due Medic. I really appreciate the comments he’s left at Prehospital 12-Lead ECG over the past year and it was great meeting him in person, although as things turned out we didn’t get to spend enough time getting to know each other.

I also met (briefly) Dave Konig (@davidkonig) co-founder with Greg Friese (@gfriese) of PIOSocialMediaTraining.com  (@PIOSMTraining).

Incidentally, my Battalion Chief Mick Mayers (@truck6alpha) Firehouse Zen couldn’t make it but he was sending some Zen vibes our way Friday night!

Just a reminder, if I left you out, it was inadvertant! Please contact me at ems12lead@gmail.com if we met Friday night, especially if you have a blog! It’s entirely possible that I didn’t make the connection.

Mike Ward (@FossilMedic), Rhett Fleitz (@FireCritic), Dave Statter (@STATter911), and John Mitchell (@FireDaily)

April Saling (@Epi_Junky) and Kelly Grayson (@AmboDriver)

Chris Hebert (@chebert13) and Dave Iannone (@cooldavej) Go Forward Media and FireEMSBlogs.com.
(For reasons that are still unclear to me, this photo took 6 takes! They were good sports about it.)

Carissa O’Brien (@carissao) Baseline Vitals and Chris Kaiser (@Ckemtp)

Ted Setla (@setla) and Paul Andrews – Chronicles of EMS

A.J. Heightman (@AJHeightman) Editor-in-Chief of JEMS and Justin Schorr (@TheHappyMedic)

Mark Glencorse (@UKMedic999) and April Saling (@Epi_Junky)

Justin Schorr (@TheHappyMedic), Denis Rubin (Chief DC Fire & EMS), and Mark Glencorse (@UKMedic999)

Tom Bouthillet (@EMS12Lead) Prehospital 12-Lead ECG, Jamie Davis (@podmedic), and April Saling (@Epi_Junky)

You can see the rest of the pictures HERE.

I told a lot of you that I would be uploading the pictures to Flickr. I had a problem using Flickr (long story) so I’m using my Facebook fan page instead.

Speaking of which, if you’re in one of the pictures or know the people in the pictures, please leave a comment or tag them appropriately!

Also, please contact me if I’ve made any errors or if I inadvertently left you out. For example, if you were at the impromptu blogger meet-up at the ZOLL  booth and I forgot to mention you!

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