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The Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog receives its first hate mail

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  I received an email today from a reader who ripped me a new one. Here’s the email with my replies interspersed. To Whom This May Concern, I stumbled upon this site while looking for additional information on poor r-wave progression. I happened to notice that in the wide-complex tachycardia section, there were some errors […]

72 year old male CC: "Unknown problem" – Conclusion

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Here is the conclusion to 72 year old male CC: Unknown problem (man down) Here was the initial 12-lead ECG.   Based on this ECG the lead paramedic called a "STEMI Alert" and transmitted the ECG to the receiving hospital. The on-duty ED physician received the ECG and the paramedic's radio report. The ED physician […]

Heart Safe Community PAD Program & STEMI Awareness Community Program Awards

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The International Association of Fire Chiefs is accepting nominations for the Heart Safe Community PAD Program & STEMI Awareness Community Program Awards. Follow the IAFC on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook. Note: You do not have to be a fire-based EMS system to win one of these awards! 

64 yom CC: Chest Pain

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Here’s another great case submitted by a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. The patient is a 64 year old male with a chief complaint of substernal chest pain. Onset: Sudden onset at rest. Provoke: Nothing makes the pain better or worse.Quality: Patient describes the pain as “sharp”.Radiate: Pain radiates to right arm.Severity: Patient […]

72 year old male CC: "Unknown problem"

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EMS is dispatched to a 72 year old male patient. Third party call. History of Parkinson's Disease. Patient is conscious. No further information. On arrival, EMS finds a 72 year old Spanish-speaking male. Through an interpreter the lead paramedic determines that the patient became dizzy, fell down, and hit his head. A small hematoma is […]

Modified Chest Leads (was: Modified Leads "On the Ice")

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Occasionally I receive emails from readers who ask various questions or submit interesting ECGs which I sometimes use as case studies on the Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog. Back in November I received an email from a reader who wrote: Hello! I’m currently in Antarctica on a medical support contract. I was issued a 3-lead Lifepak […]

EMS Today – The JEMS Conference & Exhibition – March 2-6, 2010 – Baltimore Convention Center

I am now registered to attend EMS Today. Who else is going? *** Update 02/05/2010 *** I found out yesterday that Justin Schorr (The Happy Medic) and Mark Glencorse (999 Medic) will be attending the EMS Today Conference through the Chronicles of EMS project! The Happy Medic writes about it HERE. 999 Medic writes […]

Heart Health Awareness video from Denver Health

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A faithful reader (and movie star) brought an interesting PSA to my attention. It’s a Heart Health Awareness video from Denver Health. The video is interesting because it shows a heart attack and associated cardiac arrest from a patient’s perspective, including all phases of care. First, the patient is struggling as he walks down the […]

Lawmakers shown first-hand how STEMI heart attacks are treated in Iowa

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Representative Ako Abdul Samad – Photo credit: WHO-TV WHO-TV is reporting this morning that law-makers in Iowa were given a demonstration as to how regionalized STEMI care might work. “Representative Ako Abdul Samad didn’t really have a heart attack, he was just playing the role. For Monday, he was a victim of a STEMI — […]

Walt Disney World AED Program (was: Pathetic response by Disney!)

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In my previous post “Inappropriate or inappropriate ICD shocks – Part III” I talked about my experience contacting the “Big 3” implantable medical device companies (Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and St. Jude Medical). Here’s what I wrote: This was nothing like dealing with the banking, cell phone, or computer industries! There were few tele-prompt menus keeping […]

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