9 minute and 45 second D2B time?

Image credit: CantonRep.com

That’s the startling claim made in this report found at CantonRep.com.

A Plain Township emergency medical squad of Bill Meers, Craig Hamilton, David Schwitzgable, and Deputy Chief Don Snyder received Mercy Medical Center’s Emergency Chest Pain Center’s STEMI Cup award on Feb. 18. The squad was the first to receive the award.

The ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction award was given to the team for its role in the “door to balloon angioplasty” time of 9 minutes and 45 seconds. It is the fastest time ever reported for this procedure.

The award was presented during a continuing education unit meeting by Drs. Ahmed A. El Ghamry Sabe and Frank J. Kaeberlein, co-directors of Mercy’s ECPC.

Ranked among the top 10 in Ohio for overall cardiac services, Mercy also is recognized as the best in Stark County for overall cardiac care, cardiac surgery, cardiology, and PCI (angioplasty).

The EMS-to-balloon (E2B) time was not reported.


  • Isn't the E2B the time that we need to worry about. Time is tissue people. Do a thorough assessment and get them to the hospital.

  • Tom B says:

    FFP -Since the "symptom onset-to-balloon" can usually only be estimated (and perhaps not very reliably) it seems to me that EMS-to-balloon (starting with the 9-1-1 "call received" time) is the next best thing! Tom

  • Troy says:

    I know one of our hospital has a 12 lead-to-balloon time of approx 28 minutes on average for our ems. They are so confident in our paramedic ECG interpretation that they bypass the ER and go straight to the cath lab. Gotta love progressive medicine!

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