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Review of Regional Systems of Care for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. A Policy Statement From the American Heart Association

Regional Systems of Care for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. A Policy Statement From the American Heart Association. Circulation – published online Jan 14, 2010; DOI: 10.1161/CIR.0b013e3181cdb7db The American Heart Association has published a policy statement suggesting that coordinated, regionalized care will help save more victims of cardiac arrest. Some highlights: There is at least a 5-fold […]

Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) – STEMI Mimic

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A really interesting 12-Lead ECG was posted to the Cardiology & Electrocardiography (ECG, EKG) Experts group on Facebook the other day. If you’re not familiar, this is one of the groups / fan pages on Facebook I help moderate with Jason Winter who also started the Cardiology & Electrocardiography Experts blog. What’s so interesting about […]

Texas man saves puppy with rescue breaths

Entry Img Here’s the story from the Huffington Post: In your feel good story of the day, a man rescued a puppy from a burning apartment in Texas, only to discover that the puppy wasn’t breathing. He turned his life-saving skills into overdrive and gave the little guy mouth-to-mouth. It worked! Authorities say two puppies and […]

Interview with Keith Lurie M.D. discussing the ResQPOD and the ROC PRIMED trial

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Keith Lurie, M.D. Co-Director, Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, Central Minnesota Heart Center, St. Cloud, MN Staff Cardiologist, St. Cloud Hospital Professor of Internal and Emergency Medicine, University of Minnesota Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Circulatory Systems Dr. Lurie – thank you for this opportunity to discuss impedance threshold device technology and the ROC PRIMED study. I see […]

"New" LBBB – What's the big deal?

In the January 2010 EMCast at, Amal Mattu MD reviews Chang AM, Shofer FS, Tabas JA, et al. Lack of association between left bundle-branch block and acute myocardial infarction in symptomatic ED patients. Am J Emerg Med 2009;27:916-921. His comments confirm what I have suspected for a long time with regard to LBBB in […]

Respiratory distress, chest pain, right bundle branch block, and posterior STEMI

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EMS is dispatched to a 50 year old male in respiratory distress. En route, dispatch advises that the chief complaint is actually chest pain. On arrival, the patient is found lying supine on the floor just inside the front door to his house. He is cold to the touch and pale but his skin is […]

Cardiac arrest – Are you ready to save one of our own?

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Firegeezer posted a recent story about a firefighter from Lynn, MA who experienced cardiac arrest on the fireground and was resuscitated at the scene. Coverage from Firefighter Close Calls is here. According to the post, the firefighter had “just come out of the house” when he suddenly collapsed and firefighters began CPR immediately. A news […]

Heart Matters podcast from ReachMD discussing the ACC/AHA Focused Update for STEMI and PCI

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You can find some interesting things when you search Twitter! I found a tweet from ACCinTouch that led me to this Heart Matters podcast from ReachMD. It’s an interview with Judith Hochman, M.D. with regard to the new ACC/AHA Focused Update for STEMI and PCI. Registration is quick and easy. It discusses the AHA’s Mission: […]

Sgarbossa's Criteria – New Graphic

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Here is a graphic I created to help explain Sgarbossa’s criteria for identifying acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in the presence of left bundle branch block (LBBB) or paced rhythm. In a previous article I showed this graphic which was created using PowerPoint. Here is a similar graphic I created this morning by cropping actual ECGs […]

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