SC ranks third in the nation for a key heart attack measure

The South Carolina Hospital Association is reporting that according to the Hospital Compare website, South Carolina ranks #3 in the nation for the percentage of heart attack patients who receive PCI within 90 minutes of arrival.

Top five:

1. Minnesota (93%)
2. Vermont (92.9%)
3. South Carolina (90%)
4. Indiana (88%)
5. Massachusetts (88%)

This is an incredible achievement considering the relatively short period of time the SC Chapter of AHA Mission: Lifeline has been actively working toward making regionalized STEMI care a reality in South Carolina!

See my previous post about the effort here.

Congratulations to all of the stakeholders involved with STEMI care in South Carolina!

I can see South Carolina becoming the top regionalized state STEMI system in the country! That’s because we’re really just getting started.

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  • brendan says:

    Can't get statewide data from that medicare site…. any help?

  • Tom B says:

    Bendan – I noticed that, too! I asked someone at the SCHA how they obtained the data and received this reply:"I took all of the national data from the core measures (that needs to be downloaded into an Access database) and analyzed in a statistical software. The data shows that SC is #3 for the particular PCI measure. I also confirmed with XXXXXX (one of our national data vendors) and they also got the same results."Tom

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