How to Establish a Multi Hospital STEMI Transfer System

Here are some links to an excellent webcast from the D2B Alliance website. It’s the “D2B Sustain the Gain” October seminar entitled “How to Establish a Multi Hospital STEMI Transfer System”.

You can download the slides in .pdf format HERE.

You can listen to the presentation HERE.

I found one part of the webcast to be particularly interesting. This is Dr. Greg Mishkel from the Prairie Heart Institute discussing the STEMI system in Central Illinois.

“Although the door-to-balloon times in Springfield have not achieved less than 90 minutes door-to-balloon time in the majority of patients because of the geography, we have effectively achieved a very high rate of less than 120 minutes door-to-balloon time for our transport program.”

“But as I say, the proof is in the pudding, and this is a nice example where you’re looking at pre-transfer and transfer outcomes and if you just look at the composite on the far right, you see that we have half the adverse event rates associated with the treatment of STEMI using this program. And if we look at composite event rates at the Springfield program, which is in the light blue, and the Southern Illinois program in the green, and the NRMI database in the red, you can see that we are well below the national average in terms of the adverse event rates.”

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  • 2bluestarmom says:

    I'm trying to find diagrams for anatomical placement of 5 lead, 6 lead, 15 lead, 18 lead, bedside lead, posterior lead etc and have searched all over the net. Can't find this anywhere. Do you have a link or know who has the layout for these different placements? Chart, diagram? Thank you (I'm taking a test)

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