Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "Cheating Death" series

Embedded video from CNN Video
Embedded video from CNN Video
Embedded video from CNN Video


  • Tom, I don't know if you know this not, but I referee High School football along with my father who has been doing it for nearly 25 years.The first video, wherein the referee collapses, is a scenario that I *really* think about every Friday night, not only related to my father, but to the other referees that I know that carry a high coronary risk.In SC it is not required that an ALS ambulance be on standby for the game. Further, the SC High School League does not require that an AED be on-site for all athletic events.In my mind this is a disaster waiting to happen, and why I worry so each Friday night when my father is refereeing. Thanks for the videos.Pete

  • Tom B says:

    Pete – I'm guessing you're aware of KTO's AED save at a lacrosse match? I agree with you! An AED needs to be present along with someone who knows how to use it! Tom

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