Back to reality….

Well, I’m back from Mexico. A moment of silence, please….

Now, I’m feeling waaaay too lazy to write something creative, so I thought I’d ease back into things by giving a long overdue “ECG Grand Rounds” and mention a new addition to the blogroll while I’m at it.

It’s becoming clear to me that strain patterns (i.e., repolarization abnormalities with left ventricular hypertrophy) are causing paramedics a lot of trouble. So check out these case studies from the EKG Challenge forum at EMS Village HERE, HERE, and HERE.

For A Little Cardiology Geekery courtesy of the Ambulance Driver, click HERE.

Over at Dr. Smith’s ECG blog, you can learn about a decision rule to help distinguish benign early repolarization (BER) from anterior STEMI. Click HERE.

While you’re at it, you should probably read all the rest of Dr. Smith’s case studies.

Click HERE for a classic by Dr. Wes that shows perhaps the most difficult ECG diagnosis in the history of cardiology.

I certainly can’t do an ECG Grand Rounds without mentioning my good friend Klaus (the Norwegian sensation) and The ECG Blog which is located HERE.

You owe it to yourself to read all of Dr. Ray Fowler’s lectures HERE.

The ECG archives at Paramedicine 101 are HERE.

For those of you on Facebook, the Cardiology & Electrocardiography (ECG,EKG) Experts group can be found HERE.

Also on Facebook, the ECGs & Cardiology fan page is HERE.

Last but not least, the new addition to my blogroll is Paramedic Tutor, an educational blog written by a good Canadian (I reserve the name Canuck for French Canadians) by the name of Rob Theriault.

The first thing you need to do is read his story HERE. Then head over to the eLearner page and check out his cardiac lectures. It’s a very nice educational resource!

Adios amigos!


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